Michele’s Granola: Small Batch, From Scratch

Michele’s Granola has come a long way since Michele sold her first bag of handmade granola at a Maryland farmers’ market in 2006. Their kitchen now prepares nearly 10,000 pounds of uniquely crunchy granola every week for natural food retailers, but they haven’t strayed from their “small batch, from scratch” roots. Harvest Market’s Staff agree: we are eager to sell five fabulous flavors to our shelves, including: Original, Pumpkin Spice, Cinnamon Raisin, Ginger Hemp and a seasonal flavor.micheles granola selection

Food Crush

As a self-taught baker, Michele spent countless hours blending and baking an array of natural and organic ingredients, until she discovered the perfect, crunchy bite.

Michele had been devouring the homemade granola bars from a local bakery for breakfast every morning, to the point where she would wake up thinking about them. When she finally admitted to herself that granola was her food crush, Michele began experimenting with her own homemade cereal.

Triple Bottom Line Company

As part of our triple bottom line approach to business – Profits, People and Planet – Michele’s Granola is a company committed to treading lightly on the earth and giving back to the local community.

  • The bakery facility is powered with 100% wind power certified by Green-e, the most rigorous certification in the renewable energy industry.
  • Micheles Granola KitchenIn the bakery, bakers divert as much waste from the landfill as possible, and their endeavor is to become a completely waste neutral facility.
    • At least 40% of waste is recycled
    • Another 40% is compostable materials given to a local composting facility that churns out rich, fertile soil for Baltimore’s urban farming projects
  • Michele’s Granola is also proud to be part of the community of merchants that accept Baltimore’s own local currency, the BNote. BNotes and other local currencies around the country are about building community and strengthening local economies.

Giving Back

Through their GIVE ONE FOR GOOD FOOD SM program, Michele’s Granola LLC donates 1% of all sales directly to Baltimore-based non-profit organizations with specific food-related missions. Their giving is focused on strengthening their local food economy in two ways:
One Percent Good Food
1. Supporting local food producers and food entrepreneurship programs, including:

2. Improving nutrition and food security through access to fresh, local food by supporting organizations like:

The staff takes two employer-paid days a year to volunteer with the non-profit organizations supported by Michele’s Granola, sharing the culinary and business skills they use in their daily work with the community!

Growing Success

The increasing popularity of Michele’s Granola was recently featured in The Baltimore Sun. Click here to read the article and learn more about the growing success of Harvest Market’s newest handmade granola, produced in our region with only the freshest ingredients.

We hope you enjoy Michele’s Granola: Small Batch, From Scratch.