MegaFood Blood Builder

MegaFood Blood BuilderIf you suffer from anemia related fatigue, and have tried conventional iron supplements only to feel worse from the uncomfortable side effects, consider Blood Builder®, a food based nutrient powerhouse. In an exclusive 8-week clinical trial with individuals suffering from low-iron, MegaFood Blood Builder® was shown to increase iron levels, without causing nausea or constipation like most other iron supplements. 26 mg of iron paired with whole foods like beetroot, key co-nutrient Vitamin C from Uncle Matt’s organic oranges to optimize absorption, and B-vitamins for enhanced natural energy, Blood Builder® is an ideal supplement for combating low-iron levels. Optimal levels can also improve pallor, alleviate shortness of breath, and help with feelings of anxiety or rapid heart rate due to inadequate iron in the blood.

Blood Builder®, MegaFood’s #1 seller, is on sale throughout the month of April, so stock up now!