Healthy Snack Pack: Mediterranean Organic Olives

Mediterranean Organics Green OlivesMediterranean Organic Black Olives

“The Mediterranean.” When you hear these words, don’t you just feel the romance – the beauty of the land, the blue, blue skies, the hot, hot sun, the azure waters of the sea – oh, and such sweet rest and relaxation – islands, sailing, laughter… Well, you too can bring this same feeling of fun and pleasure to your busy life on the go with Mediterranean Organic Olives in a convenient and mess-free snack pack. Whether you prefer their green pitted olives with herbs or black Kalamata olives with cumin, you can chow down on these highly nutritious portable olives anywhere you go, or have them on hand for a Greek salad or cheese plate, anytime. They aren’t packed in a brine, which means no mess!

Black and Green OlivesOlives for the table and for oil are the most ancient of Mediterranean foods. Some olive trees live to be a thousand or more years old. Olives from Mediterranean Organic are all organically grown in rich mineral soils with the full flavor of the centuries in every bite. The farms, orchards and groves that yield them have been producing naturally for centuries in conditions that are untouched by modern chemicals. The specialty products that Mediterranean Organic offers are always made by artisans in small batches with the objective of producing the finest taste. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

(Photo courtesy of Click here to read their informative article about the benefits of olives and nuts in your diet.)