Locatelli Pecorino Romano

LocatelliPecorino Romano is one of the world’s oldest cheeses, dating back to Roman times when it was made for the Caesars. Locatelli Brand Pecorino Romano was first produced by the Locatelli family over 200 years ago. Unique in quality and uniformity, Locatelli is made from the finest grade sheep’s milk and aged at least nine months to develop its unique flavor and texture. Learn how to tell the difference between Parmesan and Pecorino Romano cheese in this article from WikiHow.

Freshly grated Locatelli Brand Pecorino Romano adds an exciting touch to soups, salads, eggs, vegetables, and especially to pasta and can definitely replace salt as a zesty flavor enhancer. According to our Grocery Buyer and longtime staff member, Leslie, Pecorino Romano “is the perfect topping or add-in for flavor or punch on anything from pasta to vegetables.”

About Locatelli

When it comes to names in Italian cheese, the Locatelli family name is royalty. For over 200 years Locatelli has reigned supreme as Italy’s finest cheese producer. The Locatelli family has meticulously honed the craft of cheese making to give you a product unequalled in quality and uniformity. Today, it is found in the finest gourmet establishments, supermarkets, natural food stores and delicatessens throughout the country. Their flagship brand, Locatelli Pecorino Romano, is considered the world’s finest grating cheese, hand-crafted from 100% pure sheep’s milk.