Let Organic Mechanics Work on Your Soil

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Founded in 2006 by Mark Highland, The Organic Mechanics Soil Company is a local manufacturer and distributor of premier organic potting soils and soil amendments for professional and consumer gardeners. As self-proclaimed soil lovers and dirt worshipers ourselves, we are delighted to carry their range of soils and soil amendments at Harvest Market!

Local Roots, Fertile Soil

Mark HighlandMark got his start as a gardener at a young age; he later went on to complete undergrad and graduate degrees related to environmental horticulture and soil science. His passion and knowledge for the Earth inspired him to create what he couldn’t find on the marketplace: a truly eco-friendly, peat-free* soil for home and professional gardeners alike.

After working and instructing at some of our region’s most spectacular public gardens, Mark created his own soil blend and named the company after the nickname he’d earned in college as “The Organic Mechanic.” What began as one product launched in 2007 is now an entire line of industry-transforming garden supplies.

Mark and his crew remain true to their local roots; their production facility is located in Modena, PA, a small borough near Coatesville. By focusing the prime distribution of their products in this region, they conserve fuel consumption. In addition, they use only locally made compost produced in Chester County to replace peat. Using locally sourced ingredients is another intentional way Organic Mechanics saves valuable fossil fuel consumption.

*Quick and important aside: Why peat-free? Peat is a non-renewable resource; “Peatlands store a third of the world’s soil carbon, and their harvesting and use releases carbon dioxide, the major greenhouse gas driving climate change.” Read about this issue in a 2017 Washington Post article highlighting Mark’s achievements in this field.***

Organic Mechanics Soil

What’s in Store at Harvest Market?

  • Planting Mix Compost Blend (2 cubic feet bag) – compost-based soil amendment
  • Container Blend Potting Mix (16 quart bag) – handy all-purpose potting soil
  • Seed Starting Blend (16 quart bag) – perfect soil mix to sow all of your seeds
  • Worm Castings (1 lb bag) – nature’s ideal organic nutrient source

How to Plant Seeds

Supporting Regenerative Agriculture

At Organic Mechanics, they’re passionate about all natural, sustainable gardening that provides superior results. That’s why all their soils are 100% organic, made with locally sourced ingredients, completely peat-free and used by professional gardeners at arboretums and botanical gardens including Longwood Gardens, Scott Arboretum, Chanticleer Garden, and more.

In Mark’s words:

“Being kind to the planet is a core belief of our company. Our delivery trucks and manufacturing equipment run on bio-diesel, we use recycled pallets for shipping, and we recycle the plastic received with our raw ingredients.”

Just this year, Organic Mechanics joined forces with the Rodale Institute, a pioneer in the world of organic and regenerative agriculture. In the program, the Rodale Institute is partnering with select brands to create products that support regenerative organic agriculture. When you see the Rodale Institute logo shown here, you’ll know that the product was grown and produced in a way that supports healthy soil, healthy people, and a healthy planet. A portion of the proceeds of the products in the program support Rodale Institute regenerative organic agriculture research and farmer to farmer training programs. Learn more about this growing partnership here.

Visit the Rodale Institute’s website (and their farm — it’s close by in Kutztown, PA!) for more information about their aspirational work and events.

Let Organic Mechanics Work on Your Soil

If you seek the best performing, earth-friendly potting soil on the market today at a reasonable price, dig your hands into a bag of Organic Mechanics and start gardening. Visit the Organic Mechanic’s Learning Center for helpful tips and tune into their YouTube channel for lots of great videos. Your plants will love you for it! Because as they say, “At Organic Mechanics, ‘We work on your soil!’”