Increasing Social Distancing and Senior Hours at Harvest Market

A message to our community:

The Harvest Market staff continues to closely monitor and follow the guidance and recommendations of the CDC and the Delaware Division of Public Health. Ensuring the safety of our customers and staff members is first and foremost in our minds and actions. As such, if you are experiencing any symptoms, please do not shop at Harvest Market or anywhere else until you have been tested and cleared.

We are reviewing and modifying our protocols on a daily basis based upon the guidance of public health officials as well as responding to the needs of our customers. Today the store was closed for the day to deep clean, receive deliveries and restock the shelves.

When we reopen tomorrow morning with our new hours of 9am-6pm Monday-Saturday, while keeping Sunday 10am-6pm, we will be prioritizing an even greater distance between people in the store for the safety of all. Following the recommended guidelines, please allow six feet of space between yourself and other customers, as well as our staff members.

In order to facilitate this, we will have a concierge of sanitation and social distancing posted at the main entrance door near the produce aisle to greet you when you arrive, and to manage the flow of traffic through the store. They will be responsible for making sure you have a cart or basket which has been cleaned with bleach water, and advise you when there is enough space for you to begin shopping.

Please understand that this may require us to limit the number of customers shopping in the store at one time so as to maintain a safe range of distance for everyone. This may require you to wait in the parking lot for a short period of time.

We would highly encourage you to shop solo without other members of your family during this time of threat from COVID-19. Family shopping trips increase your family’s risk, and the risk to the community at large.

To further encourage an orderly flow of customers through the store, we ask you to please enter only through the main entrance on the proper right side of the building near the produce aisle. Please do not use the exit entrance closest to PNC Bank.

While you are shopping, you may notice that we will be limiting the number of some products that can be purchased. This is due to the inconsistent availability of certain high demand, low supply items. We ask for your patience as we have no control over this situation.

Once you have your items and are ready to check out, please be aware that colored tape has been placed near each register to indicate and allow for a greater amount of space between customers while they finalize their purchases at the register.

Finally, in order to safely accommodate the shopping needs of our elder community, we will begin Senior Hours for those over 60 from 8am to 9am, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, beginning on Saturday, March 21, 2020. No Senior Hours will be available on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. Please get in line at the door and maintain a 6 foot social/physical distancing.

During this time of crisis, we are so grateful to be part of such a strong, thriving and caring community. We will keep communicating with you and striving to come up with creative solutions to meet the challenges that face us all in the weeks to come. Thank you.