Word on Curd: Holiday Cheesin’

The holiday season is upon us, and we are thrilled to introduce some new cheeses to our cheese case, just in time for the festivities. Be sure to share your cheese board creations with us at #holidaysatharvest!
Vault No. 5 by Jasper Hill Farm in Greensboro, VT:  With savory notes of melted leeks and toasted hazelnuts, combined with the sweet sharpness of a cheddar, this Gruyere/Cheddar hybrid not only melts beautifully, but is a go-to for charcuterie boards. Pasteurized cow, aged 8-12 months.
Old Gold by Hidden Hills Farm in Everett, PA:  Featured on the menu of Philly’s own iconic Pizzeria Beddia, this raw cow milk Gouda-style has notes of browned butter, with a touch of salted caramel. Aged for a minimum of 12 months. Pair with apples, caramel, charcuterie, and hard cider. Melts beautifully!
Grateful Ched by Clover Creek in Williamsburg, PA:  A beautifully aged cheddar, soaked in “Gratitude” barleywine beer by nearby East End Brewing, delivering notes of sweet and sour, savory and sharp, with a blast of protein crystal crunch to delight the taste buds. Raw cow milk, aged 11 months.
Brebicet  by Fromager d’Affinois in France: A 4 oz pocket-sized, velvety, super-luxe, buttery sheep milk brie-style from France. Pair with Marcona almonds, dark chocolate, pear, hard cider, champagne, fig jam, and orange marmalade.
Triple Creme Bleu  by Fromager d’Affinois in France: A 6 oz individual soft-ripened
cow milk blue, with a blast of cream. Buttery, creamy, and spreadable. Pair with figs, port, cranberry compote, walnuts, or melted over roasted winter squash with dried cranberries and radicchio.

Nimbus Triple Cream by Chaseholm Farm Dairy & Creamery, in Pine Plains, NY: 8-9oz triple cream wheel, cave-aged for 6-8 weeks to reach superlative flavor and texture. With flavors of cream, butter, sweet grass, and a touch of tartness, Nimbus pairs well with most anything, but we recommend something sparkling, sweet fruit, and a baguette. Made with pasteurized cow milk and cream. Expected arrival date: Friday, December 2nd.


Cheese-Inspired Recipes for the Holidays

Brioche French Toast Stuffed with Linden Dale Fresh Goat CheeseUsing your favorite french toast recipe, select a thickly sliced bread like brioche. Cut a narrow pocket into the side of each slice, and slip an ounce or two of the Linden Dale chevre right in. Cook on the griddle as normal, and top with a berry compote and maple syrup!
Aged Gouda Sandwich CookiesTry with Rembrandt or Beemster Aged Gouda
Campfire Baked Brie Try with PA local Noblette, Chatelain Camembert, or Merry Goat Round Goat Brie