Hillacres Pride Dairy: Peach Bottom, Pennsylvania

HillacresPrideCowHillacres Pride Dairy was established in 2003 as an extension of the Arrowsmith family farm, Hillacres Jersey. The family farm is home to three generations who milk the cows twice a day. Cows are not treated with antibiotics or hormones and are grass-fed on pasture and fed forage grown on the farm. From their Herb and Chive Cheddar to their fresh Dragon’s Breath Cheese, Hillacres Pride is well represented in Harvest Market’s gourmet and local cheese refrigerator case.

“Hillacres Pride was born of the idea of providing the next generation an opportunity to experience the traditions of the family operation. Through farm life, we strive to provide a safe and happy childhood for our children, while teaching them to be responsible, caring and self-assured.” -Hillacres Pride