Happy Mardi Gras! A few words from Chef Megan

Hey Y’all! It’s Mardi Gras!

If you have been reading our blog over the years, you might remember that our Mimi’s Gumbo comes by way of my mother. We moved to Delaware when I was 5 years old, and early on I learned the phrase, “well, originally I am from Louisiana” …something I overheard my mother say to her new friends. Louisiana cuisine is central to my family culture.
Some of the food ways of my family have made their way to the Harvest Market shelves, and our Chicken and Sausage Gumbo has become a customer favorite. I am proud to say that the harvest market chefs have mastered the techniques of this recipe (first you make a roux). They have mastered it so well that even I usually buy my mother’s gumbo from the store instead of making it myself!
Originating in West Africa, the word gumbo translates to okra. This vegetable is used as a thickener for the dish, as is the quintessential roux. Every recipe starts with “first, you make a roux”. The tricky part of this recipe is getting a nice deep roux without burning it. The color of the flour and oil mixture goes from “blond, to peanut butter, to pecan shell, to melted chocolate”. When it gets to the right color, you add the “holy trinity” of cajun and creole cooking: celery, onions and green bell pepper. Next there is okra, broth, chicken, smoked sausage and andouille sausage, a little bit of tomato, and some spices.
This gravy-like stew is served with white long grain rice, Some folks like the rice underneath, and some like it on top. Put some hot sauce on the table (Crystal’s is my favorite but Tobasco will do) and serve with a big salad and some french bread. Oh my! Now I’m hungry! Come to Harvest Market, and let the good times roll with a bowl of Mimi’s Chicken and Sausage Gumbo!
Let’s eat!
PS: Here’s my playlist to get you in the mood for your gumbo supper:
Mardi Gras in New Orleans by Professor Longhair
Mardi Gras Mambo by the Hawkettes
Bon Ton Roulet by Clifton Chenier
Drop Me Off in New Orleans by Kermit Ruffins & Irvin Mayfield
Grazing in the Grass by The Treme Brass Band
(I Feel Like) Busting Loose by Rebirth Brass Band
Let Your Mind Be Free by the Soul Rebels