Handcrafted Pins of Gratitude

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Not only are we are always looking for ways to recognize our staff for being the life blood of Harvest Market, we are also dedicated to supporting other independent, sustainable businesses. This past spring, we decided to thank our staff for their years of service with special handmade pewter pins from LapelPinPlanet by Jim Clift and his family.

We chose LapelPinPlanet because the pins are truly handcrafted. Jim, the artist, co-owner, father and grandfather, designs each and every pin. You could actually say the pins are family-crafted, because of the support provided by Lynn, Jim’s wife, Nico and Nyssa, their daughters, as well as help provided by their grandchildren. Together, their goal is simple: to bring their customers high quality lapel pins at a competitive price.

Honeybee Lapel Pin

The Clift family really gets into the details. Each and every piece is carefully inspected, environmentally safe, and responsibly sourced. The family comes from a long line of artists and metalsmiths. Their craft and artistic skill have been passed down and honed through 4 generations. Jim began his artistic career designing jewelry 38 years ago.

Lapel Pins on Staci

The Clift family produces beautiful pewter pieces while taking care of the environment. The use of a clean alloy and a clean production process is a given… after all, they’re exposing their family to it. They also use 100% sustainable energy in their studio and recycle all scrap pewter.

Butterfly Lapel Pin

Not only that, but LapelPinPlanet supports entrepreneurs large and small, locally and worldwide. They are business owners so they do their very best to source from like-minded businesses and ethical producers.

Apple Lapel PinAs you can see, we purchased food and farming related designs, each reflecting a specific number of years of service. Our categories of service include: the carrot pin for 2 years, apple for 3 years, butterfly for 5 years, honey bee for 7 years and the hive for 10 years, sunflower for 15 years. Harvest Market’s Founder and CEO, Bob Kleszics, got the only tractor pin for his 20 years of service.

We have to admit, we think they are simply adorable and the staff are delighted to wear their flair with pride! If you’re in the market for a lapel pin, we highly recommend LapelPinPlanet and the Clift family’s handiwork.