GrandyOats Goes Off the Grid

GrandyOats LogoHarvest Market’s Bulk department is lucky to offer a variety of handmade Organic granolas from GrandyOats. After 14 years in its beloved, historic dairy barn in Brownfield, Maine, GrandyOats has outgrown the facility and is moving to an abandoned elementary school 12 miles down the road in Hiram, Maine to expand production and provide sufficient office space for its organic cereal and snack operations.

Through the reconstruction of the school, GrandyOats is going off the grid by building a state-of-the-art, 100 percent solar powered facility that will generate more than 95,000 kWh of clean, renewable energy on an annual basis. This will make the new GrandyOats home the first net zero food production facility in New England! Net zero means that the facility will not burn any fossil fuels and thereby have zero carbon emissions on an annual basis.

Take a look at this colorful flip book put together by the fine folks at GrandyOats to explore their green technology improvements:

GrandyOats Solar Page 1GrandyOats Solar Page 2GrandyOats Solar Page 3GrandyOats Solar Page 4