Go for the Kerrygold!

March beckons Spring and all things green, which is why we’re highlighting our rich and delicious dairy grass-fed products from Kerrygold.

Why do we love Kerrygold so much? Because it’s 100% grass-fed, 100% of the year! Kerrygold’s farmers take advantage of one of the longest grass-growing seasons in the world; Irish dairy cows are able to graze 312 days a year! Talk about going green!

Furthermore, the Irish Dairy Board participates in Origin Green, a sustainability program striving to manage industry consumption of energy, water, and waste. Read more about ‘How sustainability is changing Irish dairy farming’ in this article from The Guardian.

Beer Cheese Soup Recipe In addition to Kerrygold’s Salted, Cultured and Unsalted Butter, we also carry their Reserved Cheddar and Dubliner, Skellig, and Blarney Cheeses. For inspiration on how to use these ingredients, check out Kerrygold’s Recipe Collection, including a Beer Cheese Soup with Aged Cheddar, pictured above. For the luck of the Irish and beyond, go for the gold–go for Kerrygold!

Photo credit: Kerrygold USA.