Menstrual Product Drive

Donate Pads and Tampons

We are very proud to be a mission-based company with a commitment to serving our community. That’s why we give back through our Menstrual Product Drive in honor of Menstrual Health Month in May.

This May, 2018, we received 700 menstrual product donations for the Kennett Food Cupboard, which is in great need of these items all year long. (You may recall seeing menstrual products listed on our Blog post about the “10 Things Food Banks Need But Don’t Ask For”…). Many food banks collect all kinds of period products, ranging from reusable and disposable pads, to tampons, to menstrual cups and panty liners, all of which need to be in unopened packaging to be suitable for contribution. Thanks to our friends at GladRags, Natracare, Emerita, Traditional Medicinals, Orgeon’s Wild Harvest and Herbalist & Alchemist for contributing to the success of Menstrual Health Month!

According to the website,

“Many of the 3.5 million Americans who experience homelessness each year have extremely limited access to period products (pads, tampons, etc.). In fact, period products are some of the most needed items in homeless shelters across the country. Due to funding and resource strains, homeless shelters across the country are forced to turn away around 13% of people who seek their assistance. Having minimal access to period products drastically increases a person’s risk of contracting infections, while also seriously impacting their sense of dignity and self.

Homelessness SignWomen with children is one of the fastest growing segments of the 3.5 million people experiencing homelessness in the U.S. Surprisingly, one of the biggest challenges they face while staying in a shelter is having their period. Because tampons and pads are pricey and a taboo topic for many, these products are often lacking at shelters, or overlooked for donations. Home or no home, every woman deserves to feel comfortable and clean during her period.

Thank you so much and please spread the word!