Firehook Crackers

Firehook Crackers
The first loaves came out of the Firehook oven in December, 1992. According to Firehook Bakery’s website, “Mediterranean is not the flavor of the month in our house: our baking grew from our family’s Eastern Mediterranean heritage. We had longed for a neighborhood bakery, like the village bakers in our hometown. Crackers were part of our taste memory, so we developed our own—crunchy, well-seasoned, unevenly beautiful—and sold them alongside our breads and pastries. Whole and healthy ingredients made for savory, addictive crackers— perfect for our customers’ Mediterranean inspired diet.”

Firehook Crackers are excellent with your favorite cheese or as a simple tasty snack. These crackers use the fewest ingredients to give you the best flavor. Harvest Market carries five varieties:

  • Sea Salt Crackers – just four ingredients, topped with the perfect amount of sea salt
  • Sundried Tomato – Enjoy with your favorite mozzarella. Delizioso!
  • Garlic Thyme – a mix of garlic and thyme, two Mediterranean staples, creates a sunny companion cracker for salads or pasta
  • Za’atar – a Firehook original, this cracker dusted in a Mediterranean oregano mix—pairs well with hummus or Greek yogurt
  • Rosemary Sea Salt – bold rosemary pairs with a sprinkling of sea salt for a classic with runny cheeses or chicken soup

For more suggested pairings and recipes using Firehook Crackers, check out their website here.