evanhealy Shea Butter

The spirit and source of our SHEA BUTTER

When you scoop up a finger full of
your favorite evanhealy Shea Butter product,
can you feel the hands of the women
who plant, tend, harvest and
produce the Shea Butter?

Can you feel the care and love of
their souls in your hands?




Our Shea Butter comes directly from the hands of the women of Kperisi Village, close to the city of Wa in the northwestern region of Ghana.  For the 100+ women who make up this remarkable Collective, shea butter production is their sole livelihood and affects the economic health of their entire community.



Before the Butter reaches our hands, it undergoes an extraordinary labor of love. It takes a shea tree up to 50 years to mature enough to be harvested, then it will bear fruit for around 200 years. After harvesting, the pits of the plum-sized shea fruit are boiled and dried in the sun. The women of Kperisi Village then crack the hard outer shells and remove the kernels, which are roasted over an open flame.

The resulting paste is mixed with water and kneaded vigorously by hand to form an emulsion until it separates – the fat or oil rising to the top. The fat is scooped off, put into large bowls & cooked over an open fire until the water evaporates. It is then stirred with wooden paddles and cooled until solid, creating a smooth butter.

When the shea butter reaches our headquarters in California we carve off large slices and drizzle in various nourishing oils and botanical infusions. Slowly, over a period of 4-6 hours, we gently whip it to incorporate all the goodness of the shea butter. We individually fill, package and label each jar by hand.

Maintaining an intimate connection with plant ingredients elevates the efficacy and therapeutic benefits they provide and it keeps the profound prana of the plant alive and well so that by the time our Whipped Shea Butter reaches your palms it is still bursting with vitality.

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