Easy to Swallow Supplements

PillsHello Henry!
Thank you so much for the thoughtful information you provided in the article “Top 5 Supplements to Consider.” I have a spouse and daughter who are just miserable at swallowing pills. Lots of gagging and eye watering and after years, I’ve just given up on trying ways to get them to do it. Could you maybe do an edition of supplements for people who hate pills? Maybe powders and gummies?
Thanks, Emily

Dear Emily-

A perfectly reasonable and welcomed question. A few years ago, I saw a headline on the internet that read “Supplements send hundreds to the Emergency Room every year!” Of course, that grabbed my attention, as it was intended to. As I read through this “news” article, I discovered that the headline had nothing to do with the ingredients or dosages of the supplements in question, but rather that people taking too many at once had choked on them and required immediate medical attention. So, yes, more people have difficulty swallowing pills than one would think. I personally don’t have a problem taking my 20 or so supplements twice a day in one big gulp, but I have to admit, I have on occasion gasped for air when doing so.

Your spouse and daughter are in luck! Every item mentioned in the “Top 5” list is available in an alternative form other than a capsule, tablet, or horse pill. Let’s take a closer look.

SmartyPants VitaminsFor a daily Multi-Vitamin, we have liquids, gummies, and powders. The liquid whole-food-based ones (Bluebonnet Super Earth MultiNutrient and Natural Vitality Organic Life Vitamins, to name two), have a higher % of daily values over the gummies and in general more nutrients. But the gummies are very popular, fun to take, and organic food-based as well. Good choices would be the Garden of Life myKind Organics, (available for Women, Women 40+, Men’s, Men’s 40+ and Prenatal), and Smarty Pants Organics (Women’s, Men’s, Kids and even Toddlers). As for powders, try MegaFood Daily Multi Powders, made from real food, wholesome nutritional yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), added nutrients, and carefully selected herbs. Just add to your favorite smoothie, shake, or juice. They are available in formulas for Women, Women Over 55, Men, and Men Over 55.

Omega 3’s? An easy solution! Nordic Natural’s Cod Liver Oil, offering 1060mg of Omega 3’s per teaspoon in Plain, Orange flavor, and Lemon with added Vitamin D-3. Garden of Life also has an excellent Olde World Cod Liver Oil with over 1000mg Omega-3’s per teaspoon in a Lemon Mint flavor. If Cod Liver Oil is not your thing but don’t mind oil from sardines and anchovies, Nordic also has liquid Omega-3D, at 1560mg Omega-3’s per teaspoon, and Ultimate Omega coming in at 2840mg Omega-3’s per teaspoon. Just take it straight, or add to your favorite smoothie or protein shake. You won’t even know it’s in there, but your body sure will.

Cod Liver Oil

Barlean’s also has several options in refrigerated Omega 3’s. High potency and “Seriously Delicious” in smoothie desert-like flavors such as Key Lime Pie, Citrus Sorbet, Lemon Crème, and Mango Peach, with Omega 3 content ranging from 1080mg to 1500mg per tablespoon. Try it straight, or in yogurt or on top of some fruit, such as strawberries. Barlean’s also has Vegan options from flax oil.

A can of sardines or anchovies a day is also an option too.

CuraMed SyrupNext. Turmeric/Curcumin. While you could simply add the amazing golden spice turmeric to your diet, remember, it’s the curcumin that does all the anti-inflammatory heavy-lifting here. Terry Naturally has a CuraMed Syrup with 250mg of the superior BCM-95 curcumin extract per teaspoon. And it tastes good. Honest.

Garden of Life’s offerings includes myKind Organics Fermented Turmeric Boost, a powder with 50mg of Turmeric Root extract standardized to 95% Curcuminoids, and Turmeric Gummies with the same amounts per four gummies. Both of these also include Organic Black Pepper Extract to help with absorption. Some people (albeit hardcore) also buy the Terry Naturally CuraMed capsules, bite them, then swallow the golden nectar inside and spit out the gelcap.

Probiotics. Did you know many probiotics can simply be opened and added to yogurt or apple sauce, or your favorite raw juice or beverage? Garden of Life’s refrigerated Raw Probiotics and their shelf-stable Women’s and Men’s formulas are good examples. No need to swallow a pill, and the shelf-stable ones contain 50 Billion CFU (Colony Forming Units), 15 or more probiotic strains, and Prebiotics as well. Just Thrive Spore Probiotics (one of my favorites) can also be added to anything, hot or cold.

GOL Vitamin D3Vitamin D-3 is often preferred as a liquid, too, and we have many options. Now makes a 400IU dropper bottle with 400IU per 4 drops, which you can take once daily or multiple times throughout the day for a higher dose. Nature’s Answer has a 4000IU, and Solgar has a 5000IU dropper bottle. Did you know almost all supplemental Vitamin D-3 comes by way of lanolin as Cholecalciferol from sheep? Garden of Life’s myKind Organics offers a yummy vanilla vegan option from Lichen with 1000IU per spray and is 100% guaranteed sheep-free. Again, try it a few times a day for a higher IU.

At Harvest Market, you’ll find many other supplements including Vitamin C, Melatonin, Olive Leaf, Calcium, Magnesium, Elderberry, Mushrooms, and B-12 available in either gummy, powder, or liquid forms. If you or someone you love simply can not swallow pills or capsules, fear not. You can still create an excellent wellness regimen using alternative delivery systems.

-Henry Long, Wellness Manager

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