Do You Caboo?

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Caboo provides a sustainable alternative to tree-free products. Harvest Market sells their Bathroom Tissue (known as toilet paper by most), Table Napkins, 2-Pack Paper Towels and Baby Wipes. Caboo products are made from fast-growing, renewable sugarcane and bamboo instead of trees.Caboo Toilet PaperCaboo Baby Wipes

They are also:

  • Super Soft and Strong
  • Septic Safe
  • Biodegradable
  • BPA and Rayon Free

The Problem

Did you know humans consumer 900,000 trees per day for paper products, and around 27,000 trees just for toilet paper alone? The average person uses 19 feet of toilet paper per day. That’s a lot of trees that may take decades to replace, or never be replaced! But do not fret; together, we can help protect our environment for future generations through the choices we make every day.

A Sustainable Solution

Caboo with BambooBamboo and sugarcane are grasses, and among the fastest growing on earth which require only soil, sun, and rainwater to grow. Bamboo doesn’t require fertilizers, insecticides or pesticides. Unlike trees, bamboo re-grow from their own rots and regenerate in as little as 3-4 months, which is up to 120 times faster than traditional hardwoods. Bamboo produces 35% more oxygen than trees and absorbs huge quantities of carbon dioxide. Caboo’s bamboo grows in the renewable and protected bamboo forests of Western China, and their sugarcane is sourced from protected sugarcane fields in Thailand.

Switching to Caboo can help save rainforests, water, and wildlife, and can make a real impact on reversing climate change. Bamboo can grow in environments with depleted soil and little water and actually returns nutrients to the soil, which improves degraded areas. An added and very important benefit is that Caboo paper is made from bamboo species that are not food sources for pandas. Check out all the innovative things made with bamboo!

Sugarcane is much like bamboo, with an added environmental bonus. The “bagasse” – the dry fibrous residue that remains after the extraction of juice from the crushed stalks – is what we use to make our paper. Normally this bagasse is either disposed of or burned, which means that we are repurposing what would otherwise be discarded. Talk about renewable!

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