Coffee That’s Grown and Roasted with Love

Tierra Coffee RoastingTierra Farm finds the best quality organic fair trade coffee beans from around the world, roasts them in micro batches and sells them fresh to Harvest Market and our customers. The coffee is extremely rich in flavor and refreshing, and comes in a blend and three single origin varietals:

  • Tierra Breakfast Blend – Jump start your day with our premium blend of smooth Nicaraguan Coffee and bold Papua New Guinean Beans. Hints of almonds and chocolate throughout and an attention grabbing aroma.
  • Peruvian Medium Roast – This Certified Organic, Fair Trade, Shade Grown, certified Bird Friendly Single origin Peruvian Coffee is a medium bodied coffee that has a bright flavor, with hints of lemon and pepper. A smooth cup from start to finish makes this a perfect complement to any part of your day.
  • Nicaraguan Dark Roast – This bean, shade grown on the hills in Nicaragua, has been handpicked for Tierra Farm’s single origin dark roast. This dark rich roast makes these choice beans versatile enough to make a fine espresso or a dark, bold cup of joe. Either way it’s sure to satisfy any coffee lover.
  • Sumatran Full City Roast – This Organic, Fair Trade, Shade Grown, Single Origin Sumatran Coffee is given a full city roast to bring out a smooth flavor with hints of dark chocolate. This delicious coffee is a favorite around the world, from start to smooth finish! For those looking for a low acid roast, this is a good choice.