At Harvest Market our produce speaks for itself. More than 95% of our fresh fruit and vegetable selection is obtained from certified organic farms. We have wonderful relationships with our distributors and farmers. We buy directly from small, local farms such as the Esh family’s Peaceful Valley Farm in Kirkwood, PA, as well as from a group of more than 70 farms through the Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative.

Our main distributor for fruits and vegetable from farther afield, Four Seasons Produce is based in Ephrata, PA. We’ve had a strong relationship with them for many years. With six deliveries per week, freshness is never very far away. We hand-select every item that reaches our shelves, taking the time to trim and bag loose items such as leafy greens and celery. Harvest market carries the largest and freshest selection of certified organic produce in the area. With up to 150 fresh produce items to chose from on any given day (depending on the season) we have something to please every set of taste buds in your household. view more