Bring Your “A” Game to the Big Game

Super Bowl Party

Are You Ready for Some Football?!  Whether you’re a sports fan or not, Harvest Market’s party supplies and advice will have you scoring points with friends, family and even your opponents! We asked our staff to share some tips with sports fans out there and here are some of their suggestions:

“Ask ahead to see if there are any guests with food allergies.”

Nuts, dairy, gluten, soy and other common allergens in food can become real downers for those with severe allergies. Inquire in advance if anyone in attendance has any known allergies and you may just become the real M.V.P. of the game!

Vintage Football“Don’t go empty handed.”

Bring a dish or a bottle of your favorite vintage to share, and maybe even a special gift for the host with the most. Oh and maybe one of those giant foam “Number 1” fingers…

“Stay hydrated by bringing your own favorite non-alcoholic beverage.”

Winter is already a challenging time to remain properly hydrated, so come prepared with your own water bottle or sparkling water. You may also want to bring a couple extra bottles to encourage others to drink something non-alcoholic, alternating between what’s served and what you brought. Plus, who wouldn’t want to make a new friend while bonding over your favorite kombucha or iced tea?

“Party smart!”

Prep your stomach for heavy foods with bitters, probiotics, and/or enzymes to help digest heavy fats and carbs. If you’re going to imbibe in alcohol, take one capsule of Himalaya’s Party Smart liver detox supplement before you start drinking to reduce damage to your system and lessen the potential for a hangover the next day. Having taken Party Smart, customers and staff alike report a reduction in that foggy feeling the day after … so no call outs for you!

“Keep calm.”

If your team loses, don’t fret. Bring some Natural Calm or Ashwaganda along to take the edge off.

“Have some anti-inflammation supplements on hand.”

Come Monday morning, your body may be hurting from an overindulgence of fried and processed foods and alcohol. Pop some fish oil and turmeric to help bring down the inflammation response.

Bring your “A” game to the Big Game by taking advantage of our sales and special displays around the store ahead of the upcoming battle between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots on Sunday, February 4, 2018.

Big Game SalesScore on These Deals for the Big Game!

  • 20% off all fresh and frozen Chicken Wings, any brand
  • Buy 1 Tres Amigos 3 layered dip from the Harvest Market Kitchen and get $.50 off 1 bag Garden of Eatin’ Small Yellow Round Tortilla Chips
  • Save $.50 on Jeff’s Sliced Jalapeños, perfect for making your own nachos!
  • Late July Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips, Sea Salt Lime and Purple Corn – 2 for $6
  • Muir Glen Salsas, $2.99 each (save $1.80) on Mild, Medium, Garlic Cilantro, Black Bean and Corn varieties
  • Hampton Peanuts in the Shell, 30% off all flavors (this sale lasts all February long)

Combine some of these sale items with Field Day Black Olives to make this crowd-pleasing recipe for the Best Nachos Ever from our farmer friends at Organic Valley.

*Sales valid February 1-4, 2018

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