A reminder to all of our customers: please use a cart or basket and do not shop into your personal bags.

We need your help. We recently caught someone shoplifting by shopping directly into their personal bags, claiming the items in the bag were products purchased from another store, and leaving the store without paying for those items.

We have been encouraging our customers to bring in their own carryout bags for years, and pay 10 cents for each bag brought in and used. With the implementation of Delaware’s enhanced plastic bag ban earlier this year, bringing in your own bags has become a new norm. Sadly, shoplifters are taking advantage of this situation.

Due to these unfortunate circumstances, we now require that you do not shop or place your items into your personal bags at Harvest Market prior to checkout. If you have purchased products from another store that are in your reusable bags, please leave them in your car.

We will hand anyone we see shopping into their own bags, a basket or cart. We have both sanitizing gel and wipes at the entrance for you to use if you need to sanitize the handles.

Thank you for bringing in your reusable bags, and for keeping them empty until check-out!